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we have over 1000 hits!


I am so happy lol! we have over 1000  hits which is awesome! tell your mates about this awesome blog… help us get more hitS! I would like to remind you that we are looking for about 3-5 writers for this blog! If your interested then just tell me your stardoll nickname and email. All you need to do is add me and say that you are interested in writing in your request and i will accept. Then  tell me by dollmail your email address and off you go!

Please send requests to footiegal901 or awesomegirl1812


1) You must be between the ages of 10 and 15

2) You must have had stardoll for at least 3 months

3) If you would like to write for this blog you must also be a member of wordpress. If you are interested and already are a member then that is fantastic but if you aren’t yet a member just sign up for free. If you sign up then you DON’T have to register a blog but you can still write if you don’t which is good if you don’t want a blog yet! Also we have a new email address so if you would rather send your details to that then thats fine. It is………..



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