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Look at the August Hotbuys! Aren’t they cool!

they are sooo nice! I really like most of them. Whats your fave?

if you can’t see, here is the dates theycome out

Hotbuys full skirt, bisou: 3rd august

Hotbuys jacket, bisou: 6th august

Hotbuys shorts, Pretty in pink: 11th august

Hotbuys shoes, fudge girls: 13th august

Hotbuys top, pretty in pink: 19th august

Hotbuys knee socks, evil panda: 21st august

Hotbuys earrings, styling shop (splendid): 24th august

Hotbuys sweater, fudge girls: 26th august

Hotbuys purse, evil panda: 28th august

Hotbuys sunglasses, styling shop (splendid): 31st august


Please comment and say what you think of them all and also a reminder that I am looking for writers so if you are interested please email us at because we need some urgently as I am still doing this single handedly an its very hard… also all the details are on a previous post called ‘we have over 1000 hits!’ and all the details are there!




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