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sorry I have taken so long to write…

I have been on holiday and they had no computer at the hotel so I couldnt do anything! hopefully the info that was already here was enough for a bit anyway! Please comment about everything and give m,e suggestions to for things to write about as that would be very helpful! At the moment stardoll have gone crazy about back to school things and its so annoying I mean if we are in the middle of summer do we really want to see all things school?? Comment on what you think of the back to school clothes  because personally I think they are ugly and uncool?? So yeah tell me about what you think and also if you want to write for this blog because its very popular and recently has been having up to around 90+ veiws a day! all you need is a bit of typing skills and an addiction to stardoll (and are over 10 i think i said) then email us with the following deatils

1) Your stardoll nickname]

2) Your email address

3) You have to be over 10 and under 16 (I think thats what I put, if not you can check in one of the previous posts)

4) How long you have been on stardoll

5) ]your real name

6) and whhy you think you should write for us!


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