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I went onto the starplaza on my non superstar account (sdfanatic1812 <—- please add me!) and there was a hotbuys skirt that has just come out which is for non superstars too!

It is 12 stardollars and is quite nice so if your a non superstar I would definately buy it!



hotbuysLook this weeks new doll is…. the hotbuys doll!

some of thoise hotbuys are well cool! I like that black skirt with the purple bow and that green and black striped top.

I like them all!

What do you think about the new hotbuys?

Are they hot or are they not?!

please comment


Now that the June hotbuys are almost out the way… today was the time for July’s cuties to be revealed!


To be honest I am pretty impressed! I must say this is one of the best months hotbuys I have seen in a while! My favourites are the disc chain and the pink hotpants!

What do you think of the July hotbuys?

Are they better than you thought they would be, or not as good?

Please comment x


I got onto stardoll today and had a look in the starplaza but, the sunglasses that were free yesterday, are 5 stardollars today!

I don’t know whether the sunglasses free was meant to last or whether it was just a glitch…



I have had this blog for about 3 months now and I have had alot of hits and are very greatful about that, but I have noticed the lack of comments on this blog! I am lucky on here to get 1 or 2 comments a week where as some other blogs get many more! comments are important for 3 reasons:

1) They tell me what you think of the blog and what I am posting

2) It gets more people to comment

3) It is nice to know people are interested in my blog

so if from now on, if you can, leave a small comment and that would be very much appreciated


sdfanatic x ūüėČ


new hairstyles¬ 

There are some new hairstyles on stardoll! I am moddeling one of them and i think its quite nice what about you?


Hello, hello ! ūüôā
There’s a new club on stardoll, that works kind of like the Tampax club, where you get a gift whenever the club reaches a certain number of members.. “The Disney Club” is its name.. but, it’s only ment for US members… So here’s what you do if your not from the US:

1. Go to

2. Paste in the browser and press ‘click here to start browsing’!

3. Log on to your account and join! ūüôā

So maybe you’ll recive some gifts in a couple of days?



How else can you look your best on SD?

1. Go to a French proxy server like: (faster!)


2. Enter ‚Äú‚ÄĚ in the url bar

3. Log into Stardoll

4. (Log out and) close the proxy (the movie does not need to load)

5. Go to your suite and find the dress in your main room!

(If this worked for you please comment)

By the way it says tou need java, you dont because you dont even need to watch the movie 8)



Well… I got onto stardoll yesterday and was amazed at some of the things in the¬† shop!

DIY boutique has left the starplaza! I have a feeling that its because the store wasn’t very popular… I certainly never brought anything from there!


ALso… there was 2 free things! A tingeling dress which I think was desinged by a stardoll member and a pair of sunglasses!


Also some of the new hotbuys are starting to come out… so far I have seen

1) pink hotbuys bag —-> 5/5¬†—–>¬† 6 stardollars

2) hotbuys skirt with roses on¬†—–> 2/5 —–> 12 stardollars

3) pink hotbuys watch —–> 4/5 ——> 2 stardollars

4) pink, purple and yellow hotbuys dresss ——> 4/5 ——> 10 stardollars

5) Hotbuys darling dress ——> 3/5 ——-> 10 stardollars

6) Hotbuys bikini necklace ——> 5/5 ——> 6 stardollars

7) Pink hotbuys wedges ——> 5/5 ——> 8 stardollars

8) pink hotbuys cropped jacket —–> 3/5 ——>8 stardollars


Also there was some swedish thing which said happy midsummer on

there was a sign and skirts and flowers ect… its all non superstar though ūüôā



I will tell you anything else as soon as I find it lol ūüôā


Please read!

A lot of you have probably heard about the big strike on July 1st. If you haven’t, it is: We will NOT log in at all for 24 hours on July 1st, to rebel against Stardoll raising prices and making everything superstar-only. It isn’t fair. You know this, whether you are a superstar or not and it’s not right. Just make one small sacrifice on July 1st, please. DON’T LOG IN!!!

Broadcast this. Write in your blogs, advertise in your club. We are going on strike to get our rights back. I’m not saying that every single item has to be available to non-superstars, Stardoll is a business who needs money also. I’m just saying, TOO many things are for superstars only, and it’s getting rid or us, non-superstars.

So people, write this on your calenders, make a reminder on your¬†mobile and Say don’t log on today!! Because it might make a difference. thank you.



courtesy of fietje08